What is 'The Checkered Tea Towel'?

The Checkered Tea Towel is a website where the love of simple, honest and tasty food is shared through a series of tried and tested recipes. The recipes are laid-back, don’t contain any hard-to-find or fussy ingredients and can be made using the most basic of kitchen equipment. The inspiration for the name came from every day kitchen items. I wanted to incorporate the symbolism of the humble checkered tea towel, something many people will have lying in the kitchen. Nothing fancy and something that people who like to cook at home can identify with.

I love to cook. One of my favourite ways to spend a Friday evening is to get in the kitchen, play some music or listen to a good podcast, crack open a beer or a pour a glass of wine and get cooking. To me, it’s like meditating. Cooking is creative, fun and it focuses the mind. It also provides me with a sense of achievement when sitting down with family and friends to enjoy what I’ve created.

Whenever I’ve found a good recipe I’ve kept it in a folder so that I can come back to it time and time again. Over time the recipes have changed and become my own. I make notes, change measurements and even adapt the method to save on washing up (yes, I am pretty lazy but I’ve never known anyone say ‘I want more washing up’). The recipes on this website are the some of those recipes I keep coming back to. I want to share them with you so that you can try them and (hopefully) love them and make them your own.

(Creator of this website and lover of food)