4th December 2016

The Checkered Tea Towel is almost ready to go LIVE. The website has been built and is looking very close to completion. All of the photos have been taken, edited and then added to their rightful place on the site. All that’s left to do is fill in any remaining gaps (such as this news update) and give it a vigorous check to make sure all the links are working and pointing to where they should be!

It has been quite a journey of discovery to get this point. There have been moments where I’ve wanted to through the mac out of the window and there have been moments of elation where everything falls into place without too much hassle. So far, the end product is looking worth it. So if you’re reading this, please take time to browse the site, try some of the recipes and if you find any problems, have suggestions or feedback, even recipes that you feel would fit within the TCTT ethos then get in touch by emailing